About Us

About MaternityMatters.com

MaternityMatters.com is an online shop which caters to the needs of moms, mammas-to-be & adoptive mothers at various stages of the maternal process & pregnancy.

MaternityMatters.com will succeed in providing the major resources & products related to comfort in pregnancy, birthing, nursing, convenience in travelling with a young baby and making the process of maternity simply that much more manageable. Your convenience in maternity, matters a lot to us.

It’s already tough enduring the challenges of pregnancy,  especially for first time mothers.

Let us help you to have a more comfortable & convenient maternity journey. The truth is Maternity Matters!



Our Conception

MaternityMatters.com was conceived by a young woman who experienced great challenges in planning for having her first child with her husband in light of their finances and a diagnosis of uterine leiomyomas after a visit to the gynaecologist.

This website will be a beacon of hope for ease in child rearing to all existing mothers and an aid to those in the planning, pre-natal and post-natal stages of maternity. 

In this millennial century there has been much frustration amongst couples surrounding fertility and bringing up a child in the most nurturing environment to ensure the child develops well. This online platform was conceived to not only be a place where customers shop for clothing for mother & baby, but also to get the important items which makes all matters pertaining to maternity more convenient.